Video Gaming

Times have changed! Video games and screen time have become a part of every day life. Games keep kids happily occupied, but can also be the cause of tantrums and disagreements. How are parents supposed to know how much gaming time is too much? What are the developmental guidelines, age appropriate time limits and effects on brain development? What if you or your child is addicted to video gaming?

David can help families to sort through this complicated issue and determine what is best for each child or family member. He can also help break the cycle of videogame addiction.

LifeWorks AZ uses a strengths based approach in counseling. David believes that highlighting and tapping into all the gifts and strengths people have makes all the difference in creating the changes they desire in their lives. He also believes that it is vital to obtain balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in order to create the desired change.

David's technique is unique in he works not only with the child he also works with parents
in coaching, counseling, and therapy to create behavior changes in the whole family system.

David uses a wide array of approaches to create desired change: CBT, DBT, EMDR, Art Therapy, Sports Mental Training, Play, Talk therapy, and more.

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