Conduct Disorder

When does rebellion and breaking the rules in childhood cross the line into significant impairment? Children with Conduct Disorder are often very difficult to handle and parents often arrive to therapy at their wit’s end. Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

  • often bullies, threatens, or intimidates others
  • often initiates physical fights
  • used a weapon that can cause serious physical harm to others
  • physically cruel to people
  • physically cruel to animals
  • stolen while confronting a victim has forced someone into sexual activity
  • deliberately engaged in fire setting with the intention of causing serious damage
  • deliberately destroyed others’ property (other than by fire setting)
  • broken into someone else’s house, building, or car
  • often lies to obtain goods or favors or to avoid obligations (i.e., “cons” others)
  • stolen items of nontrivial value without confronting a victim
  • often stays out at night despite parental prohibitions, beginning before age 13
  • has run away from home overnight at least twice while living in parental or
  • parental surrogate home (or once without returning for a lengthy period)
  • is often truant from school, beginning before age 13

If so, David can help. His approach is firm, but caring. David will spend time building rapport with your child and will begin to immediately set goals with both the child and parents. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, along with Behavioral Modification techniques are often effective for treating conduct disorder. Treatment should be sought as soon as behaviors begin for the best possible outcome from therapy.

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